It's the Italian word for elevate. Pronounced e-le-và-re (with your best Italian accent!) 

​We are about elevating anything and everything to a place that provides the most value and impact for your organization. You will find that not only are our solutions practical, they offer something extra: that blend of a unique and inspiring approach to even the most monotonous of troubling situations.  



Joanna leverages her 25 years in human capital, business development, and learning & development to bring you highly strategic consulting on organizational challenges your company is facing. Her background includes 16 years of corporate-level HR expertise within the CPG industry with 4 years expanding her business acumen in a business development role. In her consulting practice Joanna has worked in partnership with businesses ranging from small, local start-ups to large Fortune 500 and brand name businesses such as Weight Watchers, Microsoft, Lexus, DaVita, Infiniti, and AlloSource. Joanna formed the statutory Board of Directors for one of her clients and currently serves as its Chairman of the Board. She also serves on other non-profit and organizational boards and is passionate about supporting the community through philanthropic efforts.



  • ​​Designed, developed, and facilitated a leadership development program for executive-level leaders for a global client that has begun impacting organizational change.

  • Sourced two executive leaders for local clients with sales and operations expertise, both part of the organization's executive leadership team. After 1 year, both clients are extremely pleased and positive impact to the organizations have been realized.


  • Organizational development assessment for a dysfunctional department with enormous turnover, inflated costs consistently over-budget, low productivity, and lacking leadership and processes/procedures. Produced a 26-page report with a full solution consisting of over 50 mini-solutions segregated into categories and prioritized for maximum effectiveness to rectify and bring the dept. back to profitability. Within 30 days, the function's metrics were up and over one year later, the function is not only thriving, but contributing to the company's profitability.