Joanna leverages her 20+ years in the human capital and learning profession to bring you highly strategic consulting on elevated talent challenges your organization is facing. Her background began with 16 years of corporate-level HR expertise within the CPG industry including 4 years expanding her business acumen in a business development role. In her private consulting practice Joanna has worked in partnership with businesses ranging from small, local start-ups to large Fortune 500 and brand name businesses such as AT&T, Lexus, DaVita, Infiniti, AlloSource, Nissan, Weight Watchers, Subaru, Platinum Guild International, and Kia. Joanna offers clients customizable, practical, relevant, and thorough solutions to issues that may be impeding a company from achieving its highest value and potential for growth and sustainability.



We thought you might ask! It's simple. It's the Italian word for elevate. Pronounced e-le-và-re (with your best Italian accent!) 

​Why?, you might ask. We are about elevating anything and everything to a place that provides the most value and impact for your organization. You will find that not only are our solutions practical, they offer something extra: that blend of a unique and inspiring approach to even the most monotonous of situations troubling your organization.  


  • Full Human Capital & Resources Audit resulting in 77-page report of compliance risks, recommended best practices, and future strategies all organized into Immediate, 1-year, and 3-year priorities creating an easy-to-implement road map for the client's budding people practices, policies, and procedures.

  • Sourced the "perfect candidate" as HR Director for a client in just 3 weeks. At the 2-month check-in, the client is thrilled with the appointed candidate.


  • Organizational development assessment for a dysfunctional department with enormous turnover, inflated costs consistently over-budget, low productivity, and lacking leadership and processes/procedures. Produced a 26-page report with a full solution consisting of over 50 mini-solutions segregated into categories and prioritized for maximum effectiveness to rectify and bring the dept. back to profitability.